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Joining Team GB

Joining Team GBSuper excited and incredibly proud to have qualified for the 2021 Triathlon European Championships Standard Distance, I can barely believe it!!! I can’t wait to represent GB and may need to loan my mum (biggest supporter!) a hoodie with my name on it...

The importance of being….. authentic!

The importance of being….. authentic!In the early part of my career (the 1990s!!) I worked alongside people I perceived to be very professional; cool, calm and collected. At a young age, I was influenced to believe that if I wanted to be successful these were key...

5 things about business I learned from Open Water Swimming

5 things about business I learned from Open Water SwimmingI’m now a successful open water swimmer but this wasn’t always so. First time in, I was terrified. The second I was engulfed by water I had brain freeze. Ideas had deserted me.  It reminded me of how often this...

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