Unlocking and developing individual and team potential, to deliver better results

People make the difference, they are your biggest asset

Unlocking and developing individual and team potential, to deliver better results. 

Motivated, inspired people make the difference to business success.

I help businesses and organisations achieve better results through people by unlocking and developing individual and team potential, focussing on embracing and adapting to change, mindset and performance, leadership development and peak performing teams.

Business and Leadership Coaching

Management Consultancy

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When you partner with me, you get the most efficient, effective and value for money performance improvement solution that small businesses are looking for right now to achieve significant gains. Meeting each client’s specific needs through tailored solutions is what I pride myself on creating.

What others are saying

Age Group Triathlete

“Kath always manages to balance structure and hard work with good nature and occasional banter…. she has the confidence in her own knowledge and experience to adapt to how I may be feeling on the day…..one of Kath’s strengths that stands out for me, is her acceptance and understanding that whilst there may be a “perfect” technique, the human body may not always allow that technique to develop, for many reasons, such as age, flexibility, injury, and she is willing to work with what you have to help you be the best that you can be.”

Operations Director, Manufacturing

Kath, through Clearwater Consultancy, has provided me and this company with excellent advice and guidance throughout a range of issues. Her personal service is efficient and professional and the advisory support she provides helps tremendously with that support extending to having easy telephone access at any time