My career background spans over 25 years’ leading diverse and complex change, which has enabled me to develop numerous teams to work collaboratively and deliver exceptional results.

I’m also hugely passionate about my sports coaching, working with triathletes from amateur to representing GB at International Level in their age group. This brings a different perspective and the sports principles I use, such as positive mindset, developing sustainable and dependable strategies and marginal gains, directly support development in businesses.

I strongly believe that people make the difference, they are your biggest asset. I therefore help businesses and organisations achieve better results through unlocking and developing individual and team potential.

I bring a pragmatic, no nonsense approach to businesses and athletes alike. Providing a balanced mix of observation, reflection and challenge has proven to focus my clients on potential and strengths, managing perceived limitations and leading to achievement of stretching goals.

My accreditations are with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and British Triathlon. I’m also certified to use a number of behaviour assessment tools that reveal people’s preferences/personality traits and help raise self and social awareness.

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Clearwater’s origin

My first time in open water was May 2014, at this point I was supremely terrified. As soon as I was engulfed by the water, I had brain freeze and no idea how to get from a to b!

Still, I was determined to embrace the experience. So much so that by Sept 2015, I’d mastered the art of competitive open water swimming, conquering my fears in the process and successfully navigating 10.5 miles across Windermere in a respectable time of 4 hours 29 minutes.

Since this experience, I’ve met an abundance of people who would either love to try the open water but are too scared, or who should try the open water but are too scared.

I’m proud therefore to have helped them overcome their fears through positive mindset and strategies to deal with what the water and weather throws up. It’s fabulous to see people develop their skills and unlock their potential – so much talent may otherwise have gone to waste.

This got me thinking about the parallels between my open water experiences and my experience of organisations over the last 25 years;

  • Fear of failure is paralysing. Sometimes you just have to try, take that first step.
  • How do you reach clear water, the churn is too much?
  • How do you get from start to finish efficiently when the direction seems impossible to pick out?
  • The environment is unpredictable and changes constantly – what are your options?
  • The overall goal needs support – are your team inspired to help you deliver the vision?

Back home on dry land, I made my decision to help businesses get beyond the churn and unlock their potential to achieve great results.

Welcome to Clearwater.

What others are saying

Age Group Triathlete

“Kath always manages to balance structure and hard work with good nature and occasional banter…. she has the confidence in her own knowledge and experience to adapt to how I may be feeling on the day… of Kath’s strengths that stands out for me, is her acceptance and understanding that whilst there may be a “perfect” technique, the human body may not always allow that technique to develop, for many reasons, such as age, flexibility, injury, and she is willing to work with what you have to help you be the best that you can be.”

Operations Director, Manufacturing

Kath, through Clearwater Consultancy, has provided me and this company with excellent advice and guidance throughout a range of issues. Her personal service is efficient and professional and the advisory support she provides helps tremendously with that support extending to having easy telephone access at any time